Wild Jr.'s® Hot Sauce

Wild Jr.’s isn’t the hottest melt your face and fart fire pepper sauce. It’s different. It’s an artisanal hot sauce and raw super food. Naturally tangy and fresh with plenty of heat yet contains no vinegar.


Make these delicious, homemade meals even better with Wild Jr's® Hot Sauce!

“It’s really good, I’ve been putting it on everything!” Ron D

“I really like your hot sauce.” Vince D

“I love this hot sauce! Do you need help? I could sell a ton of this!” Joe P

“This is really good! My son Shane loves it!” Stacie P

“It’s good! I’m using a heck of a lot of it.” Brian R

“It’s great with breakfast.” Corey R

“My husband loves it!” Christa H

“It’s got good flavor, you can actually taste the peppers, not just heat” Bill H.

“It’s fantastic!” Steve B

“Wow! This is great. I’ll be ordering more. This bottle will be gone in no time.“ Dr. Larry

“As a self-described foodie, I was a bit skeptical about the three ingredients thing, but to be honest… after trying the sauce, I don’t really care. It’s awesome!” Tony R.

"It's just right, like a smooth velvety man!" Trixie (The Yacht Club Queen)

"I put it on everything" Dan J.

"Wild Jr's Hot sauce is not too hot and not too mild. It's just the way I like it. Fabulous. " Phyllis T.

"Wow! It's really good!" Holly Jo